A Vision of Global Community

At Planetmind, it is our view that the recent advancements in global communication have given rise to the emergence of an intelligent planetary community, or 'planetmind'. We are working to give that mind a voice, and to help people become a part of it via the Internet. Our goal is to help develop an organically propagating network of ideas, in order to help the people of our planet participate more effectively as responsible caretakers of our Living Earth. It is our hope that effective and conscious use of the Internet will foster an awareness that serves the social and environmental needs of our beautiful planet by bridging cultural understandings to planetary-interpersonal awarenesses.

Planetmind Staff

Tanya Bokat
Strategic Planning, Accounting, Public Relations, and Quality Assurance
After sailing, trekking and hitchiking around the world for 7 years, Tanya finds solace in working in our environmentally and globally conscious oasis. tbokat@planetmind.net

David Hardy
Server Administration, PHP, Perl and MySqL programming, Site Development.
Dave keeps things working. If there's a problem, he's up at any hour of the night from any place he may be, fixing it and keeping Planetmind services operational. Dave has been working diligently on vegetable oil volkswagens, brewing beer, and renewable energy server optimization, as well as at being a dad. david@planetmind.net

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