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We believe in our clients. They are helping to make our world a better place. Engineers Without Borders International worked together to launch a rapid disaster response website to help network engineers in participating chapers (in 41 countries as of press time). "Changing the world is a team effort" says Francisco Barrios, program director, Sextosol Center. Sustainable Erie is a grassroots education project that helps guide the development of the Erie, Colorado area to insure that certain standards of "sustainable community planning" are followed, protecting future generations from mistakes of their past. E-town engages radio diverse cultural and natural resources. Much appreciation also goes out to the following Planetmind customers who we ask you to support as a way of networking people for a better world.

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Ecological Non-Profits


Sustainability Projects


  • Interdependent Project - To deliver and provide from a "Fear Free Solution Sphere" World-Bridging REGENERATIVE Multi-Media information, resources, education, networking, and entertainment FOR and ABOUT Sustainable Living and the Sustainability Movement .
  • CU Biodiesel - a non-profit Univ. of Colorado student organization dedicated to advancing the use and knowledge of biodiesel, a vegetable based and clean-burning alternative to petroleum diesel.
  • Sexto Sol Center, Chiapas, Mexico - Permaculture, fair trade coffee, artisan coops, improving schools, eco-villages, indigenous rights and environmental justice in Chiapas, Mex and Guatemala.

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  • Logo Ligi "... intention to increats the awareness of a global community through artistic expression. More now than ever we find ourselves trying to blur the barriers of culture segregation through exploring the beauty, simlarities and knowledge that exists in many cultures. Amongst the divesity, we can unite in a world community."
  • The Mensah Brothers Maputo Ayuba Mensah teaches traditional West African dancing, drumming and singing. artistic director, choreographer and master dancer of Logo Ligo performance troupe, based in Boulder, CO. he also teaches full time at the University of Colorado, Naropa University, Bantaba World Dance and Music Studio, and Mosaic Movement Arts
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