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Our servers are powered by RedHat Linux...a free, open-source server operating system.

Our workstations are powered by Ubuntu Linux...a free, open-source desktop environment.

Savannah Gnu - central point for development, distribution and maintenance of GNU Software.

The Open Source Development Network is a fantastic resource for free, open-source software projects. It's a great community of developers creating an alternative to corporate information domination. Check it out.

Something new to check out is PLAN 9 From the Creators of one of the original UNIX Versions.

Automatix For Debian/Ubuntu/Mepis
Automatix provides an easy to use multi application installer for many versions of linux.

Mozilla is one of the best web browsers in the world a wonderful alternative to internet explorer.

A Great Mozilla/Firefox plugin for viewing pdf files.

Zinf is a free audio player/ streamer for windows.

OPen Office.ORG
Open Office is one of the best Microsoft Office alternatives available. Much more robust and versitile than any Version of Office.

Seven Zip
An open source alternative to the sometimes costly and innefficient compression applications commercially available.



Links for a Mindful Planet

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  • a- Arctic National Wildlife Reserve debate page on "balanced development should be replaced with the view that effective environmental sustainability requires greater recognition be given to the limits of economic growth; that continuing present levels of resource utilization promoted by industry and government to ever-expanding consumer-oriented societies is not compatible with long-term sustainability" -Norman Chance
  • An SOS for the Oceans “For me, the great thing was spending time with the men and women who are trying to preserve this water resource for all of us,â€Â - David Helvarg’s cover story in E-Magazine, which profiles some of the ocean activists, many of whom are working to save the seas one fish and one marine mammal at a time.
  • Arctic National Wildlife Reserve Birds A beautiful and informative page about the birds and their migrations across the wildlife reserve, a world heritage site currently threatened by a short sighted "W" administration in bed with the oil industry.
  • Barnstable EcoTours Ecological Boat Tours of Barnstable Harbor, Sandy Neck and the Great Marsh on Cape Cod
  • BioGems A project of the National Resources Defense Council, this website enables you to take fast and effective action in defense of our planet's most endangered wild places.
  • EcoIQ EcoIQ provides media products and services to promote community, business, and personal decisions that are at the same time economically and ecologically beneficial -- decisions that are eco-intelligent.
  • National Resources Defense Council NRDC uses law, science, and the support of more than 400,000 members nationwide to protect the planet's wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.
  • Rainforest Action Network Postcards Brighten up someone's day! - and help speak truth to power!
  • Silicon Valey Toxics Coalition Chlorofluorocarbons are a family of chemicals that have been found to deplete the ozone layer and were suggested for phase-out by the Montreal Protocol in 1990. The following companies have statements regarding the phaseout of CFCs in their manufacturing processes in their most recent environmental reports.
  • The Gold Album: Action Pack -- Fool's Gold poster Every major gold rush has meant death and devastation for local people at the hands of fortune-seekers. The Mayans believed the Conquistadors ate gold — how else could they explain their insatiable lust for it? The poster covers 10 items: Genocide, Water, Waste Rock, Free Access, Indigenous Rights, Cyanide, Mercury, Dowry, Dud Investments, and Ecosystem Impacts.
  • the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community page A great example of an educational community network portal page. Good information!
  • The Sustainable Village The Sustainable Village partners with organizations internationally to provide resources to help build more sustainable livelihoods.
  • Write a letter! President Bush repudiates the Kyoto Climate Treaty President Bush has declared war on the environment, announcing policies that threaten the Earth's survival Big oil and timber came a calling, and got exactly what they demanded and had paid for. there exists overwhelming bipartisan support for protection of America's last large and natural forest landscapes. Speak truth to power. We will not stand for a sold out government any longer!

   Renewable Energy
  • American Hydrogen Association The mission of AHA is to facilitate achievements of prosperity without pollution and to close the information gap between researchers, industry and the public, drawing on world-wide developments concerning hydrogen, solar, wind, hydro, ocean and biomass resource materials, energy conversion, wealth-addition economics, and the environment.
  • Catalog of Successfully Operating Solar Heat Systems by the Solar Energy Industries Association, includes Solar Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Cost breakdowns, and representative system info.
  • Chernobyl - April 23, 1986 April 26, 1986, it was the worst power plant accident to date. We cannot forget that these systems still exist and will remain the legacy the industrial revolution. We can only move forward with our inspiration and strength of will to move beyond nuclear power and it's many hidden costs.
  • Colorado Windsource Energy Program Planetmind buys its development office power from this program. Our approach is to help replace antiquated, inefficent systems (like massive dams, nuclear, and coal power pollution experiments) by bringing wind, solar, biogas, and clean hydrogen energy storage into greater public awareness. Our servers in Boulder are not currently powered by renewable energy, but we have been reviewing solar hydrogen and grid provided wind as options.
  • Global Energy Marketplace GEM is a database gateway to sustainable energy information on the web.
  • Home Power Hands-on Journal of Homemade Power
  • Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Letter the voice of the international hydrogen and fuel cell communities, covering events and developments in this emerging field as they occur. Every Month. Worldwide. Site includes news and info.
  • SolarBank International planned new mechanism for global wholesale financing for solar energy end-use markets. The concept for SolarBank responds to a growing concensus that the availability of low-cost financing is a key to the development of worldwide markets for PV and other renewable energy systems.
  • Solstice Sustainable energy and development information.

   Useful Stuff

   Social Justice
  • Amnesty International Annual Report 2001 This Amnesty International Report documents human rights violation during 2000 in 149 countries and territories. Amnesty International activists have worked on more than 45,000 cases, and have responded to more than 16,600 urgent appeals on behalf of men, women and children in immediate danger. Amnesty International's aim, however, is not only to describe the shocking prevalence of these abuses but also to devise a strategy to eradicate them
  • Campaign for Migrant Domestic Worker Rights Most cases of exploitation go unreported because domestics, out of fear of deportation, ignorance of their legal rights or available assistance, suffer in silence.
  • Campaign to Free Leonard Peltier
  • Details about Spyware Rackets provided by also check here for a complete list.
  • Duty and Beauty, Possession and Truth: The Claim of Lexical Impovershment as Control by Ian Hancock
  • East Timor Massacre Reporting - DemocracyNow! Radio Show Statement from 1996 Nobel Peace Prize Winner Jose Ramos-Horta on allegations by the Pacifica Radio management and supporters cowardly corporate behavior trying to sell out and lie about militarism. .
  • Free the Egypt 52 On May 11, 2001, fifty-five men were arrested at the Queen Boat, a Cairo nightclub believed to be a gathering place for gay Egyptians. Although three of the men were released, fifty-two remain in detention and are being tried on charges such as "debauchery," "immoral behavior," and "contempt for religion."
  • Hind Swarajya or Home Rule by Mahatma Ghandi This online book is a great journey into the mind of a great social planner and spiritual leader.
  • Mumia Abu Jamal Unfairly jailed and recently taken off Death Row, this renowned this renowned journalist produces an excellent critique of current US foreign policy with a from his prison cell in Philadelphia. Get on the mumia book email list! It's a good read.
  • Nancy Gohring discusses Acme Rent-a-Car's GPS privacy violation one group is afraid that if we don't rein in the misuse of wireless technology now, the future will allow companies or the government to track our every move, the other just thinks it's gagetronically-hip. Frankly, the audacity of some companies scares me.
  • United Nations Pledge for Peace Can be signed by any individual or organisation in the world who cares to do so. Until today more than 75 Million people have already signed it. Just visit the website.

   Energy Conservation
  • Home Energy Magazine We've spend time quality time improving the website, and enjoyed the many useful and well written articles available through the extensive website.
  • Rocky Mountain Institute - Home Energy Brief Lighting, Windows, Refrigerators & Freezers, Water Heating, Kitchen, Washers, Dryers & Misc. Appliances, Computers & Peripherals and Home Cooling

   Food Issues
  • Is soy really good for us? FDA HEALTH CLAIM CHALLENGED The Chinese did not eat unfermented soybeans as they did other legumes such as lentils because the soybean contains large quantities of natural toxins or "antinutrients". 1 block the action of trypsin and other enzymes needed for protein digestion. 2. haemagglutinin, a clot-promoting substance that causes red blood cells to clump 3. Growth-depressant compounds are deactivated during the process of fermentation 3. goitrogens - substances that depress thyroid function. 4. phytic acid, present in the bran or hulls of all seeds. It's a substance that can block the uptake of essential minerals - calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and especially zinc - in the intestinal tract 5. Vegetarians who consume tofu and bean curd as a substitute for meat and dairy products risk severe mineral deficiencies. calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc Zinc deficiency can cause a "spacey" feeling that some vegetarians may mistake for the "high" of spiritual enlightenment. Celibate monks living in monasteries and leading a vegetarian lifestyle find soy foods quite helpful because they dampen libido. women should not consume soy products to prevent breast cancer(46) Learning disabilities, especially in male children, have reached epidemic proportions. Soy infant feeding - which began in earnest in the early 1970s - cannot be ignored as a probable cause for these tragic developments. Industry representatives sat stony-faced through the recitation of potential dangers and a plea from concerned scientists and parents to pull soy-based infant formula from the market. "accelerated brain aging".64 Japanese Americans living in Hawaii who consumed tofu in mid-life had lower cognitive function in late life and a greater incidence of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. ->>
  • Shrimp and Salmon Farming destroying habitat as Beef production declines Mangrove destruction can cause a decline of local fisheries that will actually exceed the gains from shrimp production. Waste produced by farmed salmon in Norway is roughly equal to the sewage produced by Norway's 4 million people Herbivorous species of fish, such as carp grown in polycultures, carp grown in combination with rice, or catfish grown in ponds, offer a highly efficient way of expanding animal protein supplies in a protein-hungry world
  • Synergy Seeds Rate Botanicals for Open Pollinated Natural Farming I stayed with George from Synergy Seeds and helped on the land he was working for five days. Those five days changed my life forever. Seed saving is a way of life that is beautiful and ancient. -g
  • The Nation: Interview with ERIC SCHLOSSER Author of Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, or SAD- standard american diet.
  • What's up with shimp consumption? A compendium of current facts and figures about global shrimp production and consumption and its environmental and social impacts.
  • Nederland Thai Restaurant - Authentic Thai dining experience in historic Nederland, Colorado
  • Kathmandu Restaurant- Authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine in Nederland, CO

   Political Action
  • Citizen Soldier For 30 years, citizen soldier has worked to expose Pentagon policies that harm GIs and violate domestic or international law.
  • site covering current US opinion issues. Helps us to see through rageand rhetoric with hopes of looking toward reason. Good coverage of recent US terrorism.
  • EFF Analysis Of The Provisions Of The USA PATRIOT Act On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA Patriot Act (USAPA) into law. With this law we have given sweeping new powers to both domestic law enforcement and international intelligence agencies and have eliminated the checks and balances that previously gave courts the opportunity to ensure that these powers were not abused. Most of these checks and balances were put into place after previous misuse of surveillance powers by these agencies, including the revelation in 1974 that the FBI and foreign intelligence agencies had spied on over 10,000 U.S. citizens, including Martin Luther King.
  • Electoral Reform Speakers Bureau The following list is a resource to help you identify the best speakers on particular elements of electoral reform.
  • Genoa G8 summit protests disrupted by "black bloc" plants. Spokespersons for the Genoa Social Forum charge that some black-clad protesters were drawn from the far right and infiltrated the antiglobalization movement to discredit it. Italian newspapers have published documents revealing that police had knowledge of such plans.
  • How political contributions worked in 1992 A 1992 Common Cause Magazine Investigation Reveals A Pattern Of Special Favors For Former President Bush's Inner Circle Of $100,000 Donors.
  • International Forum on Globalization The International Forum on Globalization (IFG) is an alliance of sixty leading activists, scholars, economists, researchers and writers formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization.
  • NRCD Environment Watch: The Bush Record Get the latest news about the Bush administration's dealings on environmental issues, paired with comments from NRDC's scientists, lawyers and policy experts
  • Washington Watchdog - election reform info McCain - Feingold - Cochran Bill to ban "soft" money. Special interests have used soft-money contributions to buy access and influence with Congressional leaders, blocking important legislation on issues from the environment, to prescription drugs for seniors and HMO reform, to regulating the tobacco industry.
  • Educational Site about the World Bank The world bank is a major force in economic globalization, in how it structures foreign debt. Working in conjunction with forces like, the IMF, NAFTA, GATT, GATS, MAI, and the WTO, the world bank had left a trail of tears that has alot to do with Dams, oil, concrete, nuclear power, etc. But it could have alot more to do with wind, solar, small enterprise, indigenous land and water rights, rainforest protection, and sustainable land use. -let's reform the world bank before it reforms us.

  • Cancer Prevention Coalition Goal is to reduce escalating cancer rates through a comprehensive strategy of outreach, public education, advocacy and public policy initiatives to establish prevention as the nation's foremost cancer policy.
  • Learn2 avoid Repetitive Stress Carpal tunnel is an important thing to be conscious of. I always keep my mouse far back on my desk so that my elbow is supported.
  • The 8 Limbs of Yoga Patanjali's Yoga "sutras" were written in India around the 2nd century B.C. This work is considered to be complete and is to this day followed by almost all Gurus (teachers of Yoga). Also known as the 8 Step path, these 8 aspects are as follows: Yamas- physical disengagement , Niyamas- nonattachment, Asana- preparing the body for meditation, Pranayama- regulation of breathing via training and focus, Pratyahara- a conscious withdrawal of the five senses, Dharana- noticing thoughs or fixations, Dhyana- meditation via uninterrupted fixation, Samadhi- I-nity we are all one.
  • The Body: An AIDS and HIV Information Resource According to the U.S. Surgeon General, in the United States: STDs infect approximately 12 million persons each year; 774,467 AIDS cases, nearly two-thirds of which were sexually transmitted, have been reported since 1981; an estimated 800,000 to 900,000 persons are living with HIV; an estimated one-third of those living with HIV are aware of their status and are in treatment, one-third are aware but not in treatment, and one-third have not been tested and are not aware; an estimated 40,000 new HIV infections occur each year;
  • The truth about microwaves Microwave oven information from non-industry funded swiss research.

   Open Source Server Environment
  • Comprehensive Perl Archive Network Someone in our office and said- do you use perl? CAn anyone say Glue of the Internet? non-toxic and free, perl is what belongs in you cgi-bin. Php is faster in many situations, perl is more appropriate for others. Both perl and PHP are web scripting languages.
  • Debian Linux disk ISO Download Get a free operating system!
  • Debian Linux Install Some say Debian is the last true Linux OS. Debian GNU/Linux provides more than a pure OS: it comes with more than 3950 packages, precompiled software bundled up in a nice format for easy installation on your machine.
  • neither affiliated with n or endorsed by MySQL AB, this site is the source of the world renowned open source MySql database system.
  • is the Open Relay Database. is a non-profit organisation which stores a IP-addresses of verified open SMTP relays. These relays are, or are likely to be, used as conduits for sending unsolicited bulk email, also known as spam. By accessing this list, system administrators are allowed to choose to accept or deny email exchange with servers at these addresses.
  • Owen Cheng's Drupal Tutorial Drupal started as a blogging system and now provides distributed content management for many types of pages. We are excited to be providing drupal setups with Planetmind Hosting.
  • Owen Cheng's Drupal Tutorial Drupal started as a blogging system and now provides distributed content management for many types of pages. We are excited to be providing drupal setups with Planetmind Hosting.
  • Many our web scriptws and utilities are PHP based.

   Grassroots Music
  • Leftover Salmon Polyethnic Cajun Slam Grass at it's finest. If you could only go to see one band in your entire life, I would recommend seeing these guys.
  • Mountain High Music An independent booking agency in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Simple Machines Mechanic's Guide From 1991-1998 4 editions of the guide for small bands was put out. Recently, it's been updated to reflect the new tools and services available to small labels and bands via the Internet.
  • Planetmind Radio Live streaming internet radio from Nederland, Colorado, featuring live broadcasts from local music venues, festivals, bluegrass picks, and parades.

  • English - Czek Dictionary
  • English - Estonain Dictionary
  • English - Hungarian Dictionary
  • - music - globalization - alternatives Governments Accountable to Society & Citizens = Democracy This project was inspired by the events at the the Summit of the Americas held this past April from April 17th- 21st. Between 40,000 and 80,000 people from all over the Americas gathered in Quebec City to protest the FTAA (the Free Trade Area of the Americas), to oppose the dominance of transnational corporations over local communities, and to demand that our governments be accountable to the people they’re supposed to represent.
  • Haleakala Times -maui's free press
  • Important Jamaican Historical Figures The history of the abolishment of slavery and colonial English and Spanish infuences on Jamaica help us remember where we have come from and how our world is the way it is, and hopefully, help us to create a better one for our children's children 7 generations down the line.
  • Romany Dictionary
  • Get lost in the world of superbad. "This site is a wonderful diversion from the flat planet with edges and introduction to the round and spherical world of full contact improv art." -G
  • Jet City Espresso - Tampa's Finest cup of espresso in the Hyde Park neighborhood.
  • The Institute of Official Cheer This is a good site to explore and get a laugh or two or two hundred and sixty. We found this site busy making fun of pop culture behind a link on Saxman, Jeff Coffin's site.
  • WTO The World Trade Organizaton- covered properly online "The Yes Men, an international group of men and women who use any means necessary to agree their way into the fortified compounds of commerce, ask questions, and then smuggle out the stories of their undercover escapades to provide a public glimpse at the behind-the-scenes world of business."